Sun, Apr 09, 2017

Finding Our Voice in the Crowd

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Big Idea: People had a variety of responses to Jesus then, and they still do today. Some silently obeyed, others loudly proclaimed what Jesus had done for them, and still others opposed his praise. We should release our resources as we praise God for all the things he has done, realizing that this praise will be opposed in heartbreaking ways that fail in the end.

I. Hearing different voices then

A. Questioning obedience

B. Praising God for what he has done

C. There are those who would silence God’s praise.

D. Jesus declares the inevitability of his praise with mixed emotions.

II. Hearing the voices now—

A. Those who quietly obey build things.

B. The church of Jesus Christ is still praising him.

C. There are those who would silence God’s praise today.

D. Jesus is and will be praised around the world. We can do this with mixed emotions.

III. Living life differently

A. Release your resources to God when He says He has need of them.

B. Tell people what Jesus has done for you.

C. Expect people to shut up praise of Jesus.

D. Praise Jesus anyway with mixed emotions.
     Rest in God’s plan. He will be praised.

Discussion Questions:

1) Have you ever felt God’s prompting to obey in an oddly specific way? Please share. Describe in your own words how the owners of the colt might have felt being asked to hand over their animal? How do you think they might have felt later in life as they looked back on this turning point in history?

2) When is the last time you loudly praised God for the amazing things He has done in your life? Are we too subdued in declaring that God is great and has done great things for us? Is that a cultural piece? Is it ok to not do that if it doesn’t feel comfortable?

3) What do you praise? What have you recommended or praised over the last week? Have you shared with people about Jesus as much as you’ve recommended a restaurant or TV show? Why do we praise the things we do?

4) Why do you think the religious elite were interested in silencing praise of Jesus? Why do people silence praise today?

5) Why has God made his praise inevitable? Is that narcissistic? Why is it narcissistic for person to seek praise, but not for God to do so?

6) Can you think of a time in your life when you had an upbeat day and a sad day all at the same time? Please share. Why did Jesus weep in the middle of this parade?

7) What makes you cry?

8) Do you believe Jesus will be praised no matter what? If so, how does that belief change your life?

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