Christmas Eve Candlelight Services

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service RSVPs

Imagine that you were hosting Christmas this year (some of you know this all too well!). However, you had no idea how many people were coming. You weren’t sure how many plates to set for dinner or how many gifts to buy. You knew that you would already know some of the people when they arrived, but you maybe had never met others. How would you prepare? How would you know? It would, of course, be very challenging. On the other hand, if simply by asking “Are you coming? And if so, what time and how many people are coming with you?” you would have a much easier time planning. Yes?

This is EXACTLY what we’d like your help with this Christmas! We want Calvary to be a wonderfully inviting place for those who have come here for years as well as for those who are just visiting, especially around Christmas.

Here’s how you can help!

MAKE PLANS for your Christmas Eve (easier said than done, we know!). It is, of course, our hope that worship is your highest priority when it comes to Christmas – whether you do that in your home, with us, or while visiting family or friends.

RSVP for the Candlelight Service you plan to attend by signing up on this page. Make sure the number you choose represents one for each person who will need a seat in your group. If you change your plans or change your mind, simply contact Connie Edwards and she can make any needed changes through December 22.

MAKE SPACE for visitors and friends. As people state their intentions through RSVPs, think like a host in your home and be aware of the needs. If you see that one service appears to be quite full, and you could attend another to make room, that would be greatly appreciated! (Just be sure to email Connie Edwards to make any changes.)

CONSIDER SERVING at one or more of the services which you and your family are not attending. If you are willing to serve, please contact the following individuals

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Christmas Eve Candlelight Services RSVP

In an attempt to even out the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service attendance and leave room for visitors, we are asking all regular attendee families to RSVP.

Please refer to the live graphic of current RSVP totals for each service when considering which service to attend and fill out your RSVP below.

If you have any questions, please contact Connie Edwards at 282-4612 or Thanks!

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Note: If your plans change through December 22nd (after that, we'll call it close enough) please contact Connie Edwards at or 282-4612.