Community Groups

Growing in Community

God has hard-wired us for community. We need to be vitally connected to others, and many at Calvary have struggled to find it.  This led us to take a fresh look at how to bolster community at Calvary. We now have several Community groups meeting to meet the community needs of more of the Calvary family.

Community Groups are foundational at Calvarycommunity group quote

They are the place where ...

  • real, life-long friendships are formed.
  • the Bible is discussed & applied in a non-threatening atmosphere.
  • questions can be asked and stories told.
  • it is safe to be yourself.
  • you can receive encouragement & support right where you are in life.
  • there is always room for one more to experience the love of Jesus.

Calvary Community Group Team

Four teams are spearheading this strategic initiative to enhance community in the Calvary family through community groups - one team to cast vision, a second team to launch the groups, a third team to place attendees interested in community into groups and a fourth team to coach the group leaders once up and running.

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Community Group FAQs

  • Where will Community Groups meet and for how long? +

    Community Groups meet weekly in homes for a couple hours, with exact details depending on the dynamics of the group.
  • What will a Community Group look like? +

    A Community Group is about 6-12 individuals who strive to live out the love of God to each other and those who have yet to meet Jesus. You will find our groups doing thingslike studying the Bible, learning to know God, having fun, eating, praying, serving and inviting others in. What the meetings actually “look like” will depend on the individual groupdynamics. Community Groups are all alike, yet uniquely different.
  • Are Community Groups just another name for small group Bible studies? +

    Maybe, but unless you’ve been in an unusual small group, these are likely different. Community Groups are a way to connect with others from Calvary AND walk with God in your city and in your neighborhood, TOGETHER!
  • What will Community Groups discuss? +

    The study and discussion time may include applications of the scripture passages from a recent worship service or special topics of interest to members of the group. Anyone will feel comfortable joining in.
  • Who can be a part of a Community Group? +

    Anyone and everyone!
  • What about my children? +

    All discussion and activities of a Community Group are intended to be appropriate for all ages of children. It will be up to the group as a whole as to how involved children will be. For example, younger children may be cared for by arranged on-site child-care.
  • If I join a Community Group, am I in that group “for life”? +

    Maybe, but it’s not likely. One of the goals of a Community Group is growth and eventual multiplication. How quickly multiplicationoccurs depends on the growth of the Community Group. Groups may be together a year or more before new groups are launched.
  • How do I become part of a Community Group? +

    The best way is to go with a friend and check out their Community Group. Then, you could consider joining or hosting a Community Group in your neighborhood. We have a variety of groups that meet in homes at different times throughout the week with more being formed regularly.
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  1. New groups are formed regularly and existing groups are looking for members. Fill out the form now and let us know you are interested in community groups. We will help you find one.
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