1.  Go to Calvary's Website at: http://www.calvaryefc.org/editing giving box1

2. Click on My Account -top, right corner

3. Login with your userid and password.editing giving box2

4. Click on Give Online box.

editing giving box35. Click on Schedules tab.

6. Click on the name of your schedule (i.e.” 1st and 16th every month”). When you move the mouse over the name, the cursor will change shape and the name will be underlined to indicate that the name is a link that can be clicked. editing giving box4

7. On this next page, you can change the amount, schedule, or banking information. The schedule can also be paused. Always click on SAVE to make your changes permanent.

  • Click on “Edit This Schedule” to change your schedule or giving frequency.
  • Click on “Edit” in the “Where to Give” section to change your amount.
  • Click on “Edit” in the “Payment Information” section to change your banking information.editing giving box5

8. Click on “Back” and review the information.

editing giving box6


9. Sign out.editing giving box7