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The core of our ministry is helping students to BE disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples of Jesus Christ! Wrapped around that core are several intentional practices we work on throughout the year to help our students BE disciples who make disciples. We trust that by equipping parents and other adult youth volunteers to trust Christ and build Christ-centered relationships with these students that we will see God do AMAZING things, and we have!

  • Vision +

    Our Values and How We Implement Them. #AFOTO–A Faith Of Their Own is a driving principle for student ministries. We try to accomplish that with these five values... Read More
  • Sunday School +

    A ministry designed to dive deeper into the Bible and encourage the faith of our students.  Both high school and middle school students start upstairs in the Youth Room at 9:00 am, then after a few announcements and snacks high school students head off to their classes. Middle School students stay in the youth room and will subdivide into boys and girls groups with their leaders and cover separate studies.  The classes are designed to be more conversation based vs lecturing. Group participation and interaction is encouraged as we study the Bible and relevant issues from a biblical worldview.

    This ministry ends at 10:15 am in time for you and your student to worship together in the sanctuary!


    Sunday School, Sundays 9am, during the school year

    7th- 8th Grade, Upstairs - Room 210 (Youth Room)

    9th-12th Grades, Upstairs - Room 222 (Begin together in Room 210)

  • Youth Group +

    During the School year the church is buzzing on Wednesday nights. Youth group provides... Read More
  • Family Equipping Parent Electives +

    We understand that parents truly have the greatest impact on their students. No one should spend more time, money and energy on their children then their parents. We understand a win for student ministries is a healthy relationship between parent and student and we do what we can to be supportive and hold in high regard the role of parents in the life of students. As such, we will always strive to honor you as parents in our ministry to your students. We also want to minister to the family as a whole. Pastor Brian, our Family Equipping Pastor, will offer Parent Elective classes throughout the school year as a Sunday Morning option. He will cover a variety of topics all parents wrestle through and will provide resources and create an environment where parents can share ideas and glean from each other.

    If there is a Family Equipping class being offered, it can be found under Calvary News.

  • Retreats +

    Students will have multiple opportunities to go on retreats every year because retreats are where students can connect with their small group leader and peers a little deeper. It always seems the crucial conversations happen on the bus ride up to the retreat or in the late hours of the night as a student feels comfortable enough to open up about a struggle or doubt they’re processing through. Retreats are those escapes away from school life and other stresses, the chance to unplug from modern technology and reconnect relationally with other believers. Retreats are those respites from the world that renew our hope and remind us of God’s great patience and love for us.

  • Student Mission Trips +

    Student ministries at Calvary is getting into a rhythm of going on a mission trip every year, alternating taking high school students one year and middle school the next. One of the greatest catalysts to faith is the service to others. We go on mission because ultimately we love God and it brings Him honor and in the process we’re loving others and introducing them to the greatest love known to mankind, God Himself. Serving on a mission can leave a lasting impression on the life of the one willing to live and serve as Christ did.

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  • Sept. 22 - See You At the Pole Rally +

    See You at The Pole Rally, September 22 at Calvary E-Free. Sunday, Sept 22, See You at The Pole Rally, Read More
  • Fall Fling 2019 at Camp Shamineau +

    Fall Fling 2019 at Camp Shamineau   All 5th –8th graders are invited to join us for Fall Fling 2019 at Camp Shamineau! Friday, October 25th Read More
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  • Student Ministries Summer 2019 Calendar +

    Student Ministries Calendar View our Calvary Student Ministries Summer 2019 Calendar Now Read More
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