District Blitz is an annual student ministries conference, for both high and middle school students grades 7-12, hosted by the North Central District of the EFCA and the Minnesota Iowa Baptist Conference.  The purpose of District Blitz is: To provide a conference that challenges students to love God, love one another, and love the lost.  This year the conference will be held in Duluth.  The theme for this year is "No Filter". We live in a social media centered world. We live our lives online where we post, edit, filter, delete, follow, and ignore. No Filter is about living our lives for Jesus as it was always meant to be lived-in truth, honesty, accountability, and biblically-centered relationships.


Conference Overview


Each rally includes worship with Boiling Point, student led prayer, challenging messages by powerful speakers are the highlights at each of the four rallies.  The time at rallies is core to the District Blitz experience and your youth group will be energized by the other 3000 people in attendance.

Begin praying now for our speaker and worship leaders at each of the rallies.


We desire students to go deeper in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, so we are offering a number of different seminars and workshops that will encourage them to live out their faith in all areas of their life.

Breakout Sessions

Following each of the rallies, groups will have a time to meet to discuss and interact with what they just heard. This is the most important and strategic part of the weekend.  Our prayer is that everyone will authentically share what God is teaching them personally in the community of people they came with.

Prayer Moves

We believe prayer moves...people, relationships, and situations.  About 45 minutes prior to each rally, we will have a time set aside for students and leaders that want to commit our rally time to the Lord.  This time is spent in large group and small group prayer time.  Prayer is a major emphasis of this weekend.


April 12-14


Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Duluth, MN
We will be staying right in downtown Duluth at the Canal Park Lodge.  There are plenty of dinning options within walking distance.


$115 (plus money for 4 meals - Friday dinner, lunch & dinner on Saturday, Sunday lunch).

Registration Deadline:

April 8th

Drop off at Calvary:

Friday, April 12 at 12:30pm (eat lunch before you come or bring a sack lunch)

Pick up at Calvary:

Sunday, April 14 at 4:45pm


How to register

Register completely online. Follow the steps below:

  • Register Online register now

  • Upon submisson, your registration is not complete. You will be sent 3 emails containing the following:

    1. Conduct Pledge Email:  A Parent/Guardian esign is required on the "Student Conduct Pledge". Please select the "Review & Sign" button link inside the email to review and sign the "Student Conduct Pledge".  Calvary will print your submitted District Blitz Conduct Pledge and seek student signatures at checkin time, Friday, April 12th.
    2. District Blitz Registration Email: If you have not submitted the required 2018-2019 Calvary Student Ministries Health Form
      (2018-19 Health Form), select the  "Online 2018-2019 Student Ministries Health Form" link inside this email.  (Then you will need to login to calvaryefc.org and select the 2018-2019 health form on the "My Account" page).
    3. PAYPAL Receipt: Copy of your PAYPAL payment.

Should you have any questions at all please email Connie at cedwards@calvaryefc.org

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