Calvary Guidelines for Communication and Event Promotion

Facilities Request

A Facilities Request is a requirement and is the first step before any room assignments at the church can be made or any type of promotion can begin. After this form is processed, a room will be reserved and the event can be placed on the church calendar. Go to the Calvary website under Resources/Facilities Use to fill out, or download, the form. You can also pick one up in the church office. You may place a completed hard copy in Joel’s mailbox in the church workroom. (Note: Facilities requests should also be filled out for any off site events which involve a lot of people.) Contact Joel Minchinton at

The following three promotional options are available to everyone.

Church Calendar

The items on the church calendar are typically generated from Facilities Requests (see above). The church calendar will include requests that are appropriate for the entire church body to view. The calendar may be viewed on our website, Calendar items for the current day will be listed on the side of the Digital Signage in the lobby. Contact Joel Minchinton at

Ministry Update

The Ministry Update is your main source for Calvary church news and announcements. Announcements are due by the 15th each month for upcoming month. Please keep announcements brief, but remember to include the essential information. A contact person (including email or phone number) is required. The Ministry Update will be distributed in the bulletin on the last Sunday of each month. It can also be found by each of the church exits, and online. Announcements and news can be emailed to Nancy Sobczak at

Calvary Website

The Calvary website is another main source of information for Calvary attenders. Most Calvary information from the Ministry Update will regularly be included on the website each month. The website is a great place to check for event details. Ministry leaders are encouraged to regularly review their own area on the web to insure accuracy and to add any necessary ministry details to their events and activities.
Contact Gail Peterson at

The next promotional options are up to the discretion of the church staff.
(Items will be evaluated based on their significance to the church body and/or the number of people expected to participate.)

Ministry Guide

This a comprehensive guide to all of Calvary’s on-going ministries. The Ministry Guide attempts to give a brief description and contact information for all of our ministries. The guide is made available to all attenders in the fall. It is updated for the winter and summer months, and is made available at the Information Center. Contact Nancy Sobczak at

Weekly Church Bulletin

The bulletin presents items of importance to the Sunday services. Only announcements of great significance that pertain to the entire church are included in the Sunday bulletin. Discussion notes on the Sunday sermon are available online and also at the Information Center. Owner-Erica Limkeman,

All-Church Emails

The all-church email will highlight significant items as well as important items of a timely nature. It may also include pastoral comments and announcements. Please read these regularly to stay informed of current happenings. If needed, these emails will be sent out weekly. Owner-Pastor Tim Nelson,

Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be found on the TV screen in the Church Lobby and also on two screens in the Fellowship Hall. Digital Signage is reserved for items of significant importance to the church body. Only about 4-6 items will be scrolling at any one time. Owner-Nancy Sobczak,

Wall Ministry Cards

Each major category of ministry has a Ministry Card on the wall by the Information Center. The basic information of each ministry is listed along with appropriate contact information. Owner-Nancy Sobczak,

The Vine

The Vine is devoted to stories of abiding in Christ, bearing fruit, and clustering in community. We hope these stories of Calvary family members, and articles on growing in Christ, will inform and challenge you. We encourage Calvary attenders to share sto-ries with us on how God has worked in their life or in their ministry. Contact Pastor Tim Nelson at or Nancy Sobczak at to submit an article. Issues may be themed.

Church Bulletin Boards

Please do not tack any items to the church walls or bathroom stalls or front doors. This discourages people from reading our regular methods of communication. Ministry departments are responsible for the bulletin boards designated to their own ministry area. Two general boards exist and will typically be filled by current Calvary promotions. Outside information may be allowed on these boards. The priorities are: 1) Calvary ministries, 2) Calvary affiliated ministries, 3) Outside church ministries with a similar Christian philosophy, 4) Care type events that will benefit society. There is typically not room for general community concerts and events. Please check with the ministry leaders of each board, or Nancy Sobczak in the church office for the general boards.

Flyers and Handouts

Paper handout and flyers are being discouraged. Please consider sending an email out in lieu of using paper. The paper method of the past is being replaced by the more economical and time saving method of sending emails. Please plan ahead and make use of the monthly Ministry Update and the Calvary website. Owner-Nancy Sobczak,


Posters will only be created for major events involving a significant amount of people or for events on which Calvary decides to place special importance. Owner-Nancy Sobczak,

Church Mailboxes

Mailboxes are available for church attenders in the Fellowship Hall. Use of mailboxes as a promotional means only works for events that are at least a month or two away because attenders do not check these boxes regularly. Please get permission from the church office before stuffing all the mailboxes so the office is aware of the event or activity. To request a mailbox for your-self, contact Jean Thoreson at or stop at the Information Center in the church lobby.

Church Mailings

Occasionally pastors and the leadership board will use direct mailings (a letter) to notify Calvary attenders of important items. To receive Calvary mailings make sure your contact information is in our church data base. If you are not sure that we have your correct information, call Connie Edwards in the church office at 282-4612. Contact, Connie Edwards at

Planning Center Online

This software can search, sort, and contact participants in specific areas. Worship Ministry uses this method to contact their musicians and singers. Owner-Erica Limkeman at

Ministry Emails

Ministry leaders have the ability to send emails out to the people involved in their own ministries. Our research shows that emails are the most effective means of communication! We trust ministry leaders will use this method appropriately. If you would like to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to any of our eight ministry emails, go to the website under Resources and E-mail sub-scriptions. Owner-Ministry Leaders.

Sign-up Registrations

There are many types of sign-up and event registration options available. Please contact Gail Peterson to discover which type will best meet the needs of your event. Please give two weeks notice for the creation of these online forms.

Fellowship One Discussion Groups

Our church data base allows each ministry leader to have access to the contact information of the people involved in their group. In addition, each member of the group will also have access to a group discussion area where they can post comments for each other to view. Contact Gail Peterson at, if this is something you wish to explore.

Note: The Sunday worship service does not include verbal/slide announcements.