CareFest On Wheels mission to Texas

February 23 - March 3, 2018

TEAM Rochester and the citywide church sent buses of skilled people to help rebuild the lives and homes of people in Deweyville, TX, following Hurricane Harvey. Homes that were gutted needed electrical upgrades, plumbing, foundation inspection and repair, sheetrock, tape, painting, and flooring. Some homes needed to be demolished with heavy equipment.

National Day of Prayer Events - May 3, 2018

Noon Gathering - for Day of Prayer: THURSDAY from Noon-12:50 pm, Prayer at the Government Center (Council Chambers 151 4th St. SE)

Main Event - THURSDAY EVENING: 7:00-8:15pm, Evangel United Methodist Church (2645 North Broadway).  Praying 4 Unity!  We will Celebrate God’s Faithfulness. Live broadcast hosted by Betsy Singer.

Faith Expo - Connect before and after the main event (4:00-6:45 pm and 8:20-9:15 pm.) Meet and network with community leaders, faith leaders, and learn more about faith resources. All Evening activities are at Evangel United Methodist Church

Explore God Resource

This resource was featured at a recent evangelism conference and we wanted to let you know about it.  Explore God helps people answer challenging spiritual questions they may have.  There are a variety of discussion guides, articles and films that are available for free.  To learn more visit

Wednesday Daytime Bible Study

John Study

John Study starting March 7 - May 23

Bible study with Pastor Larry Orth


Mixed group - Wednesdays 11-noon

Room Location: Fireside Room

Cost: $10 includes workbook.

Join our study the Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is filled with profound truths and rich spiritual stories. Stories ofChrist'smiracles that inspire His followers; stories of death that redeems the lost; and the stories ofResurrectionthat provides us with hope for eternal glory. Every miracle, teaching, and reaction John writes has one clearpurposeto prove that Jesus is the Word, the Messiah, and the Son of God. The dramatic milestones of Christ's ministry, as portrayed by John, have invited millions of believers through out the ages into a saving faith with Jesus Christ, and will lead you into a deeper understanding of the ultimate story of Jesus, the Son of God.

Join us anytime.  Sign up not required but helpful for planning class size.

Weather Related Cancellations Policy

When snow flies, here is how to know if your Calvary event is cancelled. If Sunday services are to be cancelled a decision will be made by 6:00 am. Check for an email, or if you have opted out of the email, check our website or KTTC online. Events during the week normally follow the school decisions -- closed schools means no event.

If the event is anything other than our Sunday worship services, Calvary follows this policy. There are no events on Sunday if the morning services are cancelled. There are no day events on Monday through Friday if school is cancelled. There are no night events Monday through Friday if after-school activities are cancelled. Any exceptions will be published on our website three hours prior to the time of the event. Remember, even if an event is happening as scheduled, don't venture out unless you can do it safely.