Church Directory


The preferred way to connect with other Calvary Attendees


Please update and use the online directory:


  • Quick start: Select the "Sign Up" button to login to; select ‘Opt in’ under ‘Church Directory’; choose your privacy settings; check ‘Include me in the church directory’; press ‘Save privacy settings’; and select 'Directory'
  • Detailed Instructions:  pdfDetailed_Online_Church_Directory_Instructions.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should I contact if my questions are not answered here or I need additional help?

What does the online directory provide that is not in the printed directory?

  • The online directory provides an email address, a mobile phone number, and other information users may choose to share.
  • The online directory is always current, showing the latest information.
  • Individuals may update their own information.
  • The online directory is available from any web browser.

Who can see the online directory?

  • Anyone who is over 18 who is a regular attendee or member or who considers Calvary their church home.
  • In addition, one must agree to be included in the directory in order to see other entries.

Does the online directory allow me to protect my privacy?

  • Yes there are privacy settings that allow users to select what contact information is and is not included in the directory.

Is the online directory Secure?

  • Calvary takes security very seriously. The InFellowship website which hosts the directory is PCI-Compliant and meets all PCI/DSS security standards, such as SSL certificates and encryption.
  • The private directory is only viewable by Calvary attendees and members that have created a userid and have opted in to the directory.
  • Kathy Martin, Calvary’s Database Administrator at manages who is given a status of attendee or member and therefore who has access to the online directory

Note: Only people 18 years and older who consider Calvary their church home have access to the directory.  If you do consider Calvary your church home, but do not have the option to opt-in and can not view the Calvary Directory, let us know now, by updating your subscriptions.