Sun, Jan 07, 2018

Breaking Down the Walls

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Big Idea:  Christ came to break down the wall of division between Jew and Gentile. Christ’s work to make one people extends beyond this original division to include all other subsequent divisions. We must work to join Christ in breaking down walls of division within the one people of God. 

I. Christ’s finished work on the cross changes everything.

A. Peace

B. Making one people

C. Breaking down the wall

D. Reconciling us to God -- “Killing the hostility”

II. Our reality

III. Closing the Gap

A. Appeal to change.

B. Are you breaking down the walls or building them up? Join Christ in breaking them down.

C. How are you actively advancing God’s one people vision?

Discussion Questions:

1) How much have you thought about Christ’s work to unify one people who used to be Jews or Gentiles? Is that language (“gentile”) part of your self-understanding?

2) What does peace mean to you? How much is Christ your peace? How does your relationship with Jesus change your experience of peace?

3) How much of peace is connected to just your own individual internal experience and how much of that is connected to your relationship with others?

4) Is the idea that Christ’s work on the cross made one new people a new one for you? How connected would you say the gospel is to racial tensions?

5) Have Christians in Western cultures adequately lived out God’s one-people vision? Is this aspect of the Gospel adequately preached, explained and taught? If not, why do you suppose that is?

6) What is the status of racial tensions in this country? Do you think things are getting worse, about the same or better?
Are you aware that in certain circles the term “evangelical” is now associated with racial bias?

7) Optional controversial question: What should the Christian response be to Black Lives Matters?

8) How can you break down the walls of division within the people of God? How can you be an agent that joins Christ in killing hostility?

9) What one single step of obedience could you take as a result of studying and hearing God’s vision for one people unified and reconciled in the accomplished work of Christ on the cross?

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