Sun, Sep 02, 2018

Caring for Those We Sent

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I. The church is to send, and to care for those we send.

A. Acts 13:1-3

B. The missionaries need to report back on how God is moving.

C. The church can stay connected by sending subsequent individuals and teams.

D. Who is this guy—Tychicus?

II. How are we doing this?

A. The function of our missions team

B. Sending our own — Sarah

C. Sending teams to our own missionaries — Montreal Team

III. Application: How are you doing this?

A. Connect with a missionary. Get engaged.

B. Consider going on a team.

C. Explore how God could use your gifts to advance His cause here and around the world.

D. Open your heart to the love of God.

Discussion Questions:

1) When missionaries go out, who sends them? Do they just decide to go out their own? Does the church or a mission-sending agency send them? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in this process?

2) Why does it matter that we stay connected and care for those we send? What happens when a church forgets about those they send?

3) What do you think about short-term mission teams? Some say there is no replacing having your ‘boots on the ground,’ while others say that short-term teams are expensive and don’t accomplish as much as other forms of missions. Which is correct?

4) How can a church stay connected and give timely and intelligent forms of care for those whom they have sent?

5) Have you heard of the idea of Business as Missions? How could you be engaged in helping Sarah get to Southeast Asia?

6) Have you ever been on a mission trip? We have sent three teams this year – a youth service trip,
a trip to help those recovering from Hurricane Harvey, and a team to work with our missionary in Montreal. Does one of these appeal to you?

7) What gifts do you have? Have you found a way to use your gifts to advance the kingdom of God here and around the world? If not, what is the biggest barrier to doing so?

8) What has been your deepest experience with God’s incorruptible love?

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