Sun, Jun 10, 2018

Celebrating Equipping the Saints

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Celebrating God’s plan for mobilizing and equipping God’s every believer to do the work of ministry.

Discussion Questions:

1) What was/is your favorite job you have ever had? What made it so good?

2) How engaged are you in doing ministry using your gifts? (1=totally checked out, 10=on mission with clear purpose)
What keeps you from engaging?

3) What percentage would you estimate of those within the Christian church know what their gift(s) is/are and are effectively using those gifts in some form of ministry?
How many hours a month are you utilizing your spiritual gifts?

4) Why did God create a plan to equip everyone to engage? What other methods could God have used? Why do you suppose he didn’t choose those options?

5) Where do leaders come from? Are they just born and move in, or can leaders be cultivated? What happens to an organization that counts on more leaders moving in than are moving out? If leaders can be cultivated, where should they be developed?

6) What was the most compelling part of the Compassion Counseling Center’s presentation?

7) How would you like to engage in the needs of our community through using your gifts?

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