Sun, Sep 18, 2016

Coming to Christ as a Child

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Big Idea: God calls us to come to Him in childlike awe and trust. This simple faith not only saves us from
our sin but provides a way of living a joy-filled, inspired life despite many heartbreaking circumstances.
This childlike faith rejects childish immaturity, but embraces children as a gift of God to enjoy and to heal
our hearts.

I. Childlike, not childish

A. Come to Christ like a child or not at all. (Matthew 18:1-3, Luke 18:15-17)

B. Don’t become like a child. (I Corinthians 12:11, 14:20, 3:1-2; Hebrews 5:12-14)

C. Awe-inspiring balance

II. Our problem

A. Life is hard.

B. Our expectations get dashed. Dreams die hard.

C. We lose our wonder and awe.

III. God’s solution

A. Come to Christ like a child.

B. Invest in intergenerational faith for what you will get out of it.

C. We need to regularly capture childlike awe. Let children inspire you to awe.


Discussion Questions:

1) Are you a curious person? Do you like to explore things and how they work? What makes you marvel?

2) Have you noticed how kids are naturally curious? They love to learn about things. When does that start to change? Why are wonder and awe harder for adults?

3) Have you ever thought about the fact that we can stop noticing things? Do you drive past buildings that have been there for a long time but you’ve stop noticing them? How long does it take to stop seeing what is there to see?

4) How much of an adult’s rejection of awe is a pain-avoidance response to disappointment? Is it reasonable to expect awe when one is faced with boredom? Have you longed for awe and wonder, but found the mundane instead? How did you handle that? What emotions did you experience?

5) What is the difference between being childlike and being childish? Why does Jesus demand that we come to him as a child if we are told not to be childish?

6) What have children done for you? How have you been influenced by children?

7) Have you ever been stumped by a child’s question? Why do children sometimes ask more penetrating questions than adults do?

8) How can you get back your wonder and awe? How often do you look for things that are awe-inspiring? Why or why not?

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