Sun, Sep 10, 2017

Filling the Ordinary with Extraordinary Purpose

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Big Idea: God takes the ordinary and fills it with extraordinary purpose. We need to understand and live in our identity, letting it fill our lives with purpose and passion.

I. Introducing the series and letter

A. A little about Ephesus

B. The structure of the letter

C. Epistolary form

II. Identity and calling

A. Paul’s calling and identity

B. The church’s identity

C. The power of indicative/imperative: This is who you are, so live that way.

D. The power of identity: We need to be reminded who we are and who God is.

III. Application

A. Let’s be an Ephesus church. Let God “do” this book in your heart.

B. Let God be your storyteller.

C. Fill ordinary moments with extraordinary purpose.

Discussion Questions:

1) What is the last actual physical letter you sent to someone you care about? Why did you send a letter?

2) What is the greatest source of your identity and value? From where do you draw the most fulfillment from? Who has been your biggest storyteller (the person who helps you figure out your story)?

3) Does the Gospel bring more peace or division? Is peace always a good thing?

4) Why do you suppose Paul spent so much time in Ephesus and sent so many resources to this church? Are all churches the same? Are some churches called to do and be things that others aren’t? Or is it that some churches obey and others don’t?

5) How much do the unique aspects of people, culture, and context matter to the identity of a church?

6) What ordinary thing could you fill with extraordinary purpose? List three activities that you do every day. How could you fill these ordinary moments with greater purpose?

7) Will you commit to doing one of your ideas this week? Who will hold you accountable for doing that?

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