Sun, Jun 24, 2018

Finding Our Footing on a Treacherous Path

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I. Walking wisely in evil days

A. Look carefully. Watch your footing.

B. Time management

1. Fight or flight

2. Circle the wagons and wait for Jesus.

3. Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

4. Make the most of the time.

C. Why? Because the days are evil.

D. Story of inspiration

II. What are you full of?

A. Filled with wine / mind-altering substances

B. Filled with the Spirit

C. Application

Discussion Questions:

1) How much do you watch or read the news? How many hours a week?
Do you watch more or less than you used to? What observations do you have about the news?

2) What happens in your heart when you see what is going on in our world today? Is it encouraging to you, or a little scary?

3) When you see some trends like increasing secularization of our culture, more hostility towards faith, how do you respond?
If you are in a meeting at work and Christians are being talked about in very negative terms, how do you respond, even in your heart?

4) What would you do if you found out you had just one year to live? What kinds of changes would you make to your daily life, if any? What things would you want to do? Who would you want to talk to?

5) What did you think about the Douglas’ story? How did Chris’ journey with ALS impact you?

6) Why did Paul command these Christians to not be drunk, but filled with the Spirit?
Is alcohol the only issue, or would this command extend beyond just alcohol?

7) How do you experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit? What does that look like to you on a daily basis?

8) What single step of obedience will you take as result of this teaching?

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