Sun, Jul 29, 2018

Freedom in Boundaries

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I. The need for healthy, life-giving boundaries

A. Children, obey your parents.

1. Discipline is a gift.

2. Honor your parents.

B. Fathers (parents), exercise delegated authority with due care.

II. Working this out in reality

A. Obedience is a heart issue.

B. Pick your battles.

C. Honoring our parents for a lifetime

1. Early years – by obedience

2. Middle years – by heeding advice and friendship

3. Later years – as caregiver

D. We inevitably encounter authority in life. We all end up under authority.

III. Dynamic Partnerships

Discussion Questions:

1) Is insisting that children obey an old-fashioned idea? Have advances in our technology and knowledge made this idea obsolete?
Why would God command children to obey their parents?

2) How important to you is the ability of children to thrive in social systems, including hierarchies? How many social systems are you in that don’t have any structure or hierarchy to them?

3) When does the duty to obey a parent end? Is honoring one’s parents the same as obeying? Does that change over time? If so, how?

4) Are any of you caring for aging parents who are facing reduced capacity? What does it look like to honor your parents when they don’t have the full capacity to make decisions as they used to?
How do you honor your parents and take their car keys away?

5) If you are a parent, who is on your team? Have you had a chance to define the “win”? Do you know what your goals are? How do you measure progress towards those goals?

6) How are you connected intergenerationally? Do you have good relationships with those who are a stage ahead of you in life? Have you found ways to connect with those coming behind? For those who do have intergenerational relationships, please share what you get out of these.

7) What single step of obedience can you take in light of this passage? Who will hold you accountable?

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