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Futile or Fertile? - Finding Focus in the Trials of Life

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I. True Faith Focuses on    Jesus   . (v. 1-4)

A. Focusing on a future    promise    (v. 1)

B. Focusing on the true   Champion    (v. 2-4)

1. Jesus finished the race for our    souls   . (v. 2)

2. Jesus will help you    overcome   . (v. 3)

3. Jesus gives us    perspective   . (v. 4)

• Hebrews 5:7-9

II. Focusing on God as Our   Parent   (v. 5-11)

A. Discipline is about    love   . (v. 5, 6)

• Proverbs 3:11, 12

B. Discipline is about    instruction   . (v. 7-9a)

C. Discipline leads to    holiness   . (v. 9b-10)

• Human discipline is limited to    childhood   .

• Human discipline is limited in    scope   .

• God’s discipline lasts for a    lifetime    and is not limited in    scope   .

• His purpose:   That we may share his holiness   .

D. Focusing on the    outcome   . (v. 11)

Discussion Questions:

1) What are the “weights” that sometimes keep you from running the race of faith? (verse 1)

2) Do you finding yourself focusing more on your trials or more on Jesus “the founder and perfecter of our faith”? (verse 2)

3) What is the “joy” that motivated Jesus to endure the cross? (verse 2) How is that “joy” lived out in your life?

4) How has the Lord disciplined you? Were you able to find God’s good purpose in it? (verse 10)

5) What does it mean to “share his (God’s) holiness”? (verse 10)

6) How will your focus change the next time you encounter trials or temptation?

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