Sun, Jun 15, 2014

Giving without Guilt

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  1. Clearing the air
    1. Why don’t we want to talk about this?  
    2. What keeps us from giving?
    3. An invitation
  2. Understanding our situation
    1. Generational shifts in values
    2. Mega trend
    3. Calvary’s trends
  3. Giving in God’s design is a reflection of our heart.
    1. What God doesn’t want (Psalm 50: 7-12; Exodus 35:4-5)
    2. What God does want (2 Corinthians 9:6; Exodus 36:2-6)
    3. The treasure-heart relationship (Matthew 6:19-21)
  4. Application
    1. Let’s make a deal…
    2. Receive God’s grace for wherever you are.
    3. Prayerfully consider giving at least a tenth of your income to the Lord’s work with a majority going to the local church.
    4. Evaluate what your giving reveals about the condition of your heart.
      Take incremental steps. Start where you are and take tangible steps in the right direction.
    5. Consider automatic giving.  
    6. Participate in Financial Peace University.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What was it like in your family of origin with regard to money? Did you talk about it or not? Was there a family budget that was known, or was it more loose? Who handled the finances? Did you see your parents give to a local church?
    What is your current approach?
  2. Of the factors discussed in the sermon that keep people from giving, which is the most relevant to you? Which of these plays the biggest part in our church?
    Factors include: 1) past abuses of raising money through guilt motivation, 2) silence, 3) lack of teaching, 4) lack of modeling, 5) debt, 6) lack of confidence in the local church as a faithful steward, 7) not seeing how your gift makes a difference, and/or 8) different priorities.
  3. What financial tools do you use most frequently (debit card, credit card, checks or cash)? How has that changed over time? Should the church be on the front of change or should the church be a holdout hanging on to old traditions? That is, should we be late adopters or earlier adopters? What is the upside of being an earlier adopter? What is the downside? What is the downside of being a late adopter?
  4. Can you recall a moment when you were the most happy and cheerful about giving? Please share the story.
  5. Did the trends at Calvary surprise you? If so, what specifically? What can we do to see improvement?
  6. What do you think about the idea that God doesn’t need your money? Have you ever heard that before? How does that make you feel? Relieved, offended, curious . . . ?
  7. Do you believe that our heart follows our treasure? If so, what are the implications of that truth to you? Are there areas that you would like to reduce funding for or stop funding altogether in light of this reality? Conversely, are there areas you would like to start funding in light of this truth?


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