Sun, Feb 21, 2016

God-Ordained Insomnia

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 Big Idea: God is at work in things as small as when we can’t sleep. God also allows evil to exist even while he limits its destructive expressions. God has designed his movements in this world so that they are both evident and deniable. As people of faith, we need to train our eyes to see God at work.

 I. Telling the Story

A. Coincidental insomnia? (6:1)

B. A coincidentally selected scroll (6:1b-3)

C. Haman just happened to be there? (4a)

D. The coincidental collision of agendas: how to honor and hang the same man? (4b)

II. Timeless Truth that helps us to Live Differently

A. Understanding insomnia and learning from it

1. The scope of insomnia

2. Causes of insomnia

a. Nine Natural causes

b. Ten Spiritual causes
     (Psalms 6:6-7,22:1-2, 127:2; Ecclesiastes 2:23-25; Psalms 32:3-5, 94:12-13, 95:11; I Timothy 5:5;
      II Timothy 1:3; II Corinthians 6:5; I Thessalonians 2:9)

3. Solutions

B. God provides ample proof of His work without overwhelming the will of humanity.

C. Man’s motives might be to kill and destroy, but God will accomplish His purposes.

D. God will use apparent coincidence to accomplish His design to humble the proud.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you struggle with insomnia? If so, how often? Has that changed over time? If/when you have insomnia, do know what causes it?

  2. Do you think insomnia is primarily a physical issue? What role do emotions and spiritual causes play? Is anxiety an emotional or spiritual issue?

  3. Is it possible to be too emotionally connected to work outcomes? Is it possible to be too emotionally disconnected with the outcomes of what we do? How do you know if your are too connected or too detached? How do you do to remain appropriately engaged with safe boundaries?

  4. Have you ever wished that God would work more openly in the world? Why doesn’t He? Does God’s bold actions produce different results than his subtle actions? What might be some of the unintended consequences of overwhelming displays of power all the time?

  5. Have you seen God limit the destructive power of evil? If so, share the story. How does God restrain evil? Why does God allow good and evil to be side by side for a season?

  6. Does God restraining evil take away the power to choose evil?

  7. What does it mean to you to humble yourself? How do we do that? What ways have you found effective to keep the focus on others?
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