Sun, Apr 08, 2018

God's Plan for Growing Up

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Big Idea #1:  God gave to the church gifts and leaders to equip every Christian to do the work of ministry.  We are to do this until we are unified, know Jesus as the Son of God, grow into spiritual maturity, and measure up to Jesus.      

Big Idea #2:  God’s purpose for Big Idea #1 was to grow us up out of being infants driven by false teaching and manipulative human and spiritual systems.  When we speak the truth in love, we can grow up into Jesus, so that the body of Christ works perfectly as God intended.   

I. Review and foundation

II. Changing our reality (v. 14)

A. So that we will no longer be infants/children.

B. Being tossed about in high winds

C. By what?

1. Every wind of doctrine

2. By human cunning

3. By craftiness in deceitful schemes

D. What does this look like today?

1. Dangerous teachings

2. Human cunning

3. Deceitful schemes

E. Application

1. We need to accept God’s description of our situation.

2. Rate yourself – how are you adjusting to our reality?

3. Reject self-deception – let someone tell you the truth about yourself.

4. Take inventory.

5. How focused are you on the direction God has given you?

III. God’s plan (vs. 15-16)

A. Speaking the truth in love

B. Growing up into Jesus in every way

C. Building up each other in love

Discussion Questions:

1) On a scale of maturity – from brand new baby Christian, to fully mature, equipped, spiritual adult – where would you put yourself?
What do you look for as the best indicator of spiritual maturity? What are the defining characteristics of spiritual maturity to you? Where do those come from?

2) If our spiritual and moral realities were a sea how would you describe it? Is it calm and smooth sailing, or rough waters? What realities do you look to in order to make your assessment?

3) How often do you suppose you are lied to? Do you know when someone is lying to you? By nature, are you more suspicious or trusting?

4) How engaged is the spiritual world in realities that impact you? What do you make of the idea that evil spiritual forces are thinking up ways to mess up your life?

5) What do you think is the most dangerous idea circulating in our culture?

6) When you think about how our reality is changing how do you react? Are you reeling and angry, or are you vigorously pursuing holiness and harvest? i

7) If you have a hard message to give to someone, do you lean into the truth side (just let them have it) or the love side? What ways have you found to balance truth and love?

8) What ways are you actively contributing to help the body work the way it should?

i  Taken from North Central District Assessment tool for 2018 evaluation of churches.

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