Sun, Dec 31, 2017

Growing Up, In, and Out

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Big Idea:  Loving God supremely and others sacrificially is at the heart of the gospel.  We can use this simple framework of “up, in, and out” to develop a plan to grow in 2018.    

I. Growing Up

A. Love for God, Passion for Christ (Matthew 22:36-40)

B. Worship

C. Abiding in Christ

D. Spiritual disciplines

II. Growing In

A. Community (Acts 2:42)

B. Care

C. Living out the Gospel with one another

III. Growing Out

A. Reaching out

B. Mission

C. Justice

IV. Personal growth – a tool

A. Decide to grow.

B. Personal assessment

C. Single step of obedience

Discussion Questions:

1) How do you experience God’s love most clearly? What does authentic passion for Christ look like?

2) When do you feel most connected to God in worship? How has your experience of worship changed over time as you have matured in Christ?

3) What is dangerous about spiritual disciplines? What can go wrong when doing them?

What happens to practices of spiritual formation when they are not practiced regularly? Are you more inclined to be consistent with a tendency toward mechanical, or are you more likely to connect with God less frequently but keep it fresh?

4) How do you connect with God at deep levels, with authenticity and consistency?

5) Does social media redefine Christian community?

6) In your church experience thus far in your spiritual journey, what did your churches do the best (Up, In, or Out)? Which were they the worst at?

7) How do you rate yourself using the tool? How would you rate this church?

8) What area would you like to focus on in the coming year? How many weeks last year did you take a clear, active step of obedience? What single step of obedience should you take now?

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