Sun, Oct 01, 2017

Guaranteed Heirs

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Big Idea: God has guaranteed that all those who have been chosen and volitionally respond to the gospel will receive the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of the inheritance which is already theirs in Christ.  God has done this to have a people who have so experienced His glory that they praise Him. 

I. The Good News

A. We already have an inheritance. (1:11a)

B. There are treasures for us in heaven.

II. God’s Part

A. The inheritance is appropriated through Christ. (11a)

B. God has a proactive plan that he was working out beforehand. (11b)

C. God’s working all things in accordance with the counsel of His will. (11c)

III. Your Part

A. We need to place our hope in God. (12a)

B. We praise Him for all He has done for us. (12b)

IV. The Divine Dance

A. In Christ we can do our part. Without him we can’t do anything.

B. We hear, we hope, and we believe.

C. God seals us in the Holy Spirit.

D. God guarantees our inheritance through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

E. We praise him.

V. So What?

A. Hope in God. Trust in Him. Believe in Him.

B. Build your life around the idea that your treasure is in heaven. Its not here.

C. Give God all the credit.

D. Praise Him!


Discussion Questions:

1) How often are you told that you have something or have won something but in fact you haven’t? How many cusises or “free” vacations have you been called about in the last year?

2) What is your greatest treasure and why? What do you value above all else?

3) Look back on your process of coming to faith. What signs do you see of God working to call you to faith? What circumstances or people did God uses to help you along your journey of faith?

4) What is the difference between believing in and hoping in? Which aspect of faith (hope, trust, or belief) plays the biggest part for you?

5) How would you describe the role of the Holy Spirit in your life? How do you sense the ministry of the Spirit?

6) How would you describe God’s part and your part? What is the danger of overemphasizing God’s part? What is the danger of overemphasizing your part? Do you think Calvary maintains an appropriate balance between the two?

7) How do you think of your spiritual inheritance stored up for you in heaven? What does that mean to you?

8) How passionate and heartfelt is your praise? Is your praise to God growing hotter or colder? What is the main driver of your praise?

9) What is the main step of obedience that you should take in light of this passage?

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