Sun, Aug 27, 2017

In God We Trust?

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I. A Biblical Definition of Trust (v. 5)

A. Based on     who    not    what    

B. A total    commitment   

C. Same word, different    focus  

D. Human wisdom:    Option     or    opposition   ?

II. The Rich Rewards of a Dependent Life (v. 6)

A. Making your    business    God’s    business   

B. Letting God run your    business   

C. A God-dependent   life is a God-directed   life.


Discussion Questions:

1) What would you say to someone who asks, “Why should I trust God”?

2) What changes will you need to make in order to trust the Lord “with all your heart”?

3) Where would you place yourself on the “trusting God” versus “your own understanding” continuum? Which direction do you lean most often?

4) As you search your heart, are there areas of your life that you have not turned over to God?

5) What steps will be required to allow God’s control over all areas of your life?

6) Share a difficult time when you trusted God and He clearly led you through it?

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