Sun, Feb 04, 2018

Incomprehensible Love

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Big Idea: God longs to release his glory and power in us to strengthen us so that we can comprehend his love. This deep abiding relationship releases his power so we can experience his fullness.

I. Purpose-filled prayer

II. Spirit-filled inner life of power in God’s glory

III. Abiding in Christ

IV. Strength to comprehend in community the incomprehensible dimensions of the love of Christ

V. Filled with the fullness of God

Discussion Questions:

1) What is your prayer life like? Which aspect of prayer is most dominant – requests, praise, silence? Is there a model or form of prayer that has become really meaningful?

2) What would it take to pray with purpose? Do you have a prayer list or do you just wait for people to come to mind? What forms of intentionality have you found meaningful?

3) How might God’s glory strengthen us? When have you felt the strength of God most?

4) God wants to strengthen us in the Power of His Spirit in our inner being. What is your experience with the Holy Spirit?
How strong does your “inner being” feel?

5) How would you describe your experience abiding with Christ? Is that a mystical and subjective experience or an objective reality for you?
How rooted or grounded are you in Christ’s love? Is that a reality that changes the way you experience life or simply a fact that you acknowledge?

6) Why would God want comprehending his love to be a community experience? How much of your spiritual reality is just you and God and how much of it is you and the community of faith experiencing God?

7) What does it mean to be filled with the fullness of God? What might that look like? What activities or disciplines have you experienced to draw deeper into God’s presence and fullness?

8) What one single step of obedience should you take in light of this passage?

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