Sun, Aug 17, 2014

Is God Speaking, or Is It Just Bad Pizza?

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God speaking in unusual ways. Following God’s leading even when it’s weird.
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Telling the Story

  1. Joseph's dreams (37:5-11)
  2. Two dreams in prison (40:5-19)
  3. Pharaoh's dreams (41:1-8)

Transforming Truth

  1. God does things that shock us.
  2. Each set of dreams was given for a purpose.
  3. Let's celebrate what God is doing here at Calvary.


  1. Be open to God's leading even if it comes in a form you are not comfortable with.
  2. Shift the question from "What do I want?" to "What is God doing?"
  3. Grow your trust in God by believing in Him.
  4. Come with us on this journey. God is at work.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you think of dreams? Do you believe that dreams are always meaningful? Is it possible for God to reveal something to someone in a dream in this day and age? Why or why not? How would you know if a dream was from God? What do you think about all the reports about visions of Christ and/or angels leading people to connect with Christians and churches?
    Have you ever had a spiritually significant dream?
  2. Why did God give Joseph the dreams (about his brothers bowing down) so soon? Would you rather get something like that early and then wait a while to learn what it means, or would you rather get it just beforehand so you don’t have to wait so long?
    How do you react when your future reality is so different from your present circumstances? Does it make you curious how it will happen? Does it make you angry or frustrated that it hasn’t happened?
  3. Why do Christians get so upset about not being able to figure out what God is doing? Do we have a firm basis for hoping that we will always have God and His plan figured out?
    What do you think it means that God’s ways are higher than our ways?
    Can a Christian have reasonable certainty that he or she is living within God’s will? Is there a difference between “God’s way” and “God’s will”?
  4. Is it more important to have a good, clear, strategic plan and run the risk of not being in step with God, or is it better to be highly adaptive to God’s leading and run the risk of being reactive?
    Which is the greater danger and why? Which do you prefer?
  5. What do you see God doing at Calvary? How can you and others be part of that?
  6. How can you trust that God is working even if it may seem weird to you? What tangible steps of faith and trust in God’s leadership can you take right now?


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