Sun, Dec 18, 2016

Jesus, the Greatest Refugee

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Big Idea: God conveys His love through a costly gift in the incarnation. Jesus’ journey is marked by leaving home, making Him the greatest refugee in history.

I. How was Christ a refugee?

A. In leaving heaven. We often think of Christmas as a time of coming home.

B. In his birth – the Roman census

C. His flight to Egypt - Herod’s plot (Matthew 2:13-15)

D. Going back to Nazareth

II. Why was Christ a refugee?

A. Because it was necessary.

B. Because of the nature of the incarnation. God came into our mess.

C. Because God loves us that much.

III. So What?

A. Be the Magi.

B. Understand our mission and place in the world.

C. Open your eyes to see what you have been missing.

Discussion Questions:

1) Have you lost someone and then faced the “empty chair” the following holiday season? What was that experience like for you? Is the Christmas season bittersweet for you? Why do you suppose so many people get depressed at Christmas?

2) When you think of a refugee, what comes to mind? Have you ever had a significant interaction with someone driven from their home? If so, please share your experience.

3) Is it fair to call Jesus a refugee? What parts of the Christmas story involve running from danger?

4) What do you think life was like for Jesus growing up in Egypt, hiding from a ruler who desired to kill him? Have you ever had to flee for your safety? If you have ever been an outsider, what did that feel like?

5) What is the furthest you have ever traveled from home? How long did you stay? Have you ever gone somewhere without a return ticket? What is the difference between going somewhere as a tourist and going somewhere to live?

6) How does the incarnation convey God’s love to you? Is there a particular kind of experience that helps you to feel his love?

7) Have you had a chance to be part of helping refugees at Calvary? If so, how? What was that experience like for you? Who gets blessed more, those being a channel of blessing or those being blessed?

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