Sun, Jul 15, 2018

Loving Community

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I. Rediscovering God’s design

A. The Trinity as a model of loving community

B. Honor given

C. Intimacy and union – one flesh

D. Equality

E. Delegated authority

II. Our reality

A. Hard hearts breaking one flesh plan

B. Honor withheld leads to honor taken.

C. Abused authority

D. Abdicated authority

III. Closing the Gap

A. Claim your identity in Christ.

B. Lay down your rights for Jesus.

1. Husbands

2. Wives

Discussion Questions:

1) What is the most effective team you have ever been on? Describe what kind of team it was and what made it so special.
Did everybody on the team do the exact same thing? Were there any roles or differences in what people did? How did the diversity of roles impact the unity of the team?

2) Why do people put themselves in the spotlight? What motivates that behavior? How does it feel when someone else honors you?

3) Many people fear intimacy (deeply knowing and being known). Why would someone fear being known? What life experiences might produce that fear?

4) From your experience, which do you see as a bigger problem: abused authority, or abdicated authority?
How many men or women just walk away from their families? How many stay but actively abuse each other?

5) When you think of how Jesus laid down His rights for you, what might you be called to lay down in order to love others better?

6) How much of your identity comes from Jesus? When you are talking about yourself, how long do you talk without mentioning Jesus or your relationship with Him?

7) Who is the last person you honored and why? Whom should you honor? Whom will you honor this week?

8) What single step of obedience are your prepared to take as result of this time in God’s word? Who is going to hold you accountable?

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