Sun, Mar 11, 2018

Massive Mobilization

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Big Idea:  God gave gifts to the church in the form of gifted leaders who would equip Christians to do the work of ministry God has given us to do.  Some have neglected God’s plan, with devastating consequences.  We need to return to God’s plan for mobilizing all of his people and see more ministry than we would have dreamed possible.  

I. God’s plan

A. Massive Mobilization

B. What for?

1. The work of ministry

2. Until when?

II. What the West has done

A. Payment for service – staff-driven churches

B. High program – if you build it, they will come.

C. High fragmentation – single-cause Christians

D. Leadership development has been for vocational ministry.

III. Our response – reporting and application

A. Developing Lay leaders, leadership development cohorts

B. Lay-driven ministry

C. A call to repentance

1. Reject the role of passive consumer.

2. Embrace lay leadership
3. Get engaged and use your spiritual gifts.

Discussion Questions:

1) Describe in your own words the difference between the sacred and the secular. Where did this distinction come from?

2) Why would God call for the equipping of all of his people to do the work of ministry?

3) What aspect of the finish line strikes you as the hardest to complete:
Unity of faith, knowledge of Jesus, building up the Church, everyone being mature, or measuring up to Jesus?

4) If God’s plan was for gifted leaders to equip his people to do the work, why have we created staff-driven churches?

5) What are the unintended consequences of doing something for someone?

6) What happens to the church when people care more about their priority issue than building a strong and healthy church?

7) What percentage of Christians would you estimate are fully engaged using their spiritual gifts to build up the local church?

8) How equipped do you feel for the work of ministry? What attempts have you made to become equipped? What keeps you from seeking training and equipping?

9) What single step of obedience will you take as result of God’s word? Who will hold you accountable?

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