Sun, Sep 17, 2017

Picked First

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Big Idea: Understanding our identity and blessings in Christ should drive us to glorify God in a habit of praise. Knowing that we were picked first as adopted sons and daughters of the king should transform our lives here and now.

I. We need to praise God for all he has done for us.

A. God deserves our praise.

B. We are blessed.

C. Application:

II. Adoption is a clear picture of God choosing us.

A. This adoption starts in agape love.

B. Stories of being chosen

C. Praise God for all he has given you.

Discussion Questions:

1) How blessed do you feel right now?

2) Have you ever encountered someone who is really blessed in every way but doesn’t feel that way? Describe your experience with this person.
What can be done with someone who is as blessed as they can be but doesn’t believe that they are?

3) When do you feel most compelled to praise God, such that you can’t even hold it in?

4) Have you ever been to a real orphanage, in the US or elsewhere? Please share your story of what that was like. Do you have an experience with adoption? If so, what is/was that like?

5) To what extent do you feel like a spiritual orphan that God picked to bless with every spiritual blessing? How much do you identify with this image that Paul uses to describe how God feels about you?

6) What keeps you from experiencing God’s grand love and blessing for you?

7) How passionate is your praise for God? Is that passion growing or waning? Is passionate praise or passion for Christ merely a subjective experience, or is it rooted in a right understanding of what God has done for us?

8) What single step of obedience do you feel God is calling you to in light of this passage?

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