Sun, Jul 08, 2018

Radical Love

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I. Setting the stage.

A. Lots of confusion and pain out there.

B. Christians disagree.

1. Egalitarian

2. Complementarian

C. What are the household order passages?

D. Don’t miss the point.

E. Please come with us as we walk into painful and sensitive areas to recover a beautiful and powerful reality.

II. Two commands that will change the world.

A. Wives submit to your husbands.

B. Husbands love your wives like Jesus.

III. Now what?

A. Open your heart to being loved and to loving as God desires.

B. Husbands go on a life-long journey to love your wife like Jesus.

C. Wives come alongside and under your husband’s leadership.

Discussion Questions:

1) What was your family of origin like in terms of roles in the family? What kind of a model did you see in your parents when it came to roles in marriage?

2) What is the first thing that happens in your heart when we talk about this?
When you read “wives submit” what happens in your heart? When you read “husbands love your wife as Christ loves the church” what happens in your heart?

3) Should Christians break fellowship over the question of roles in the family? Is this something a group could have unity on even if there is disagreement?

4) Does a voluntary act of coming under authority in partnership automatically degrade the person?
In effective teams, does equal value necessarily mean identical roles?
How well has the church done as a voice holding up and protecting women from abuses of this teaching? Note: this will be more the focus next week.

5) Is servant leadership the same thing as mutual submission? Does Jesus, as the head of the church, submit to the church? What does our submission to Christ’s leadership in the church look like?

6) What is the most radical act of self-sacrificing love that you have personally witnessed? Please share the story, if you are willing.

7) What should a wife do if her husband refuses to love her as God commands? What should a husband do if his wife refuses to come alongside and under his leadership?

8) What single act of obedience will you take in response to this teaching?

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