Sun, Oct 16, 2016

Relationship > Obedience

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Discussion Questions:

1) Can you remember a time (maybe when you were a child) when you did something wrong and you were worried that the behavior would sever a relationship? What happened? Have you ever experienced a time when correction of poor behavior actually led to greater or deeper relationship?

2) What sorts of behaviors do you find yourself attaching to the Christian faith that may not have anything to do with God’s picture of righteousness? For example, what types of clothing might someone wear to church that would, at least at first, offend you?

3) Read Hosea 6.

a) What hope or encouragement does this give you?

b) What convictions or solemn reminders?

4) Why do you think that Jesus would set up a system in which relationship was more important to him than obedience? What is he trying to get us to see or understand?

5) Is there anyone in your life who may need an extra “dose” of mercy from you in this season? How can you show that mercy and love to them in an active way?

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