Sun, Dec 11, 2016

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Discussion Questions:

1) Some of the lessons learned by the characters, though presented in a humorous way, represent struggles that children and adults face every day. Mikey has a change of heart and asks forgiveness after boasting about his own importance and being unkind to someone over a shortcoming (Melody’s voice). Angie learns to trust God and overcome her fears as she obeys His calling. All the angels gain a deeper understanding of the wisdom of God’s plans. Which lesson(s) are most significant to you? Have you had a critical spirit toward someone? Is there an area of your life where you need to trust God more?

2) In the song You Can Count on Jesus, the young angels recite many of the names we find for Jesus in Scripture. Why does He have so many names? Are there any that are particularly meaningful for you? Are there any that you have trouble with or aren’t sure you understand?

3) For creative purposes, much liberty has been taken in this musical with the nature of angels. These characters behave, in fact, very much like humans. What do you understand angels to be? What do Biblical angels actually have in common with humans and in what ways are they different? Can angels be fearful (as Angie is), or is that impossible (as Melody claims)? Do they need education or discipline? Do they have faults? What are some common ideas about angels in today’s culture and in the church? Are these ideas Biblical? Does it matter?

4) At several points in the story, the young angels speculate as to whether the people on Earth really understand the incredible gift God is sending and the sacrifice being made for them. Take some time to consider the awesome reality of the Incarnation. How is your life different because of Christ’s coming?

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