Sun, Aug 12, 2018

The Armor of God

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I. A Good Story

A. The characters

B. What does victory look like?

II. The pieces of the armor

A. Belt

B. Breastplate

C. Shoes

D. Shield

E. Helmet

F. Sword

III. Who wears it better?

A. Following the example

B. New Life in Christ, protection in His armor

C. Training days

Discussion Questions:

1) What are some spiritual battles you have faced in your life? Did these things cause you to pull away from God or turn to Him?

2) Can you recall times when you’ve used any of the pieces of the armor of God against the attacks of the evil one? (Truth, Righteousness, the Gospel, Faith, Assurance of Salvation, Word of God)

3) Do you actively think about the pieces of the armor of God? What are some ways you personally work to strengthen yourself in these areas?

4) What does it mean to you to stand firm in truth? Righteousness? The rest of the armor?

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