Sun, Aug 25, 2019

The Choice to Rejoice

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I. The Choice to Rejoice


B. Lost in the circumstance

C. A feeling, or a choice?

II. What are we rejoicing for?

A. Following Jesus

B. Into the already, not yet

C. Garments vs Robes

D. The Lord is near

III. Living it out

A. Gentleness

B. Prayer

C. Thought life

D. Answering the call


Discussion Questions:

1) Is there a time in your life when you were feeling joyful in the moment and then the circumstance changed for the worse? How did you respond?

2) What are some good techniques that you use to pull your focus away from bad circumstances? What are some that maybe aren’t so good?

3) Do you allow your circumstances to alter how you interact with God? For example, do you pray more or study more in good or bad times of life?

4) Have you ever prayed and immediately felt the peace of God fill you? Did you get the answer you hoped for from the prayer? Did the peace remain after you got the answer?

5) Anxiety is a difficult struggle for many of us. What is something you are anxious about? Are you trying to solve this yourself, or are you surrendering it to God in prayer?

6) Think of a time when you knew you should be gentle, but weren’t. Think of a time when you didn’t feel like being gentle, but managed to anyway. Share if you feel comfortable.

7) Paul describes a whole list of kinds of thoughts we should focus on (true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy). What are some specific things you could think about in your life that would turn your thoughts to the positive?

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