Sun, Apr 15, 2018

The New Life - Out with the Old

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Big Idea:  We all came from a way of life that we must leave behind.  This old way of life darkened our understanding, cut us off from the life of God, and created a hard heart.  We experience a new life by leaving the old behind.     

I. A new life walking away from the old

A. A strong plea

B. You must not walk as Gentiles do. How?

II. Governing dynamics in the spiritual world – Plasticity of the Soul

A. When we reject the light, God turns down the light.
     (Romans 1: 18-31, Revelation 9:2, II Corinthians 3:14-16)

B. Rejecting God’s revelation separates us from Him, the only source of life.

C. When we harden our hearts, we cut ourselves off from the only source of knowledge that can save us. This ignorance is willful.

III. Application

A. Walk like you belong to Jesus.

B. Respond to the light.

C. Pursue a deeper connection to God.

D. Do a regular heart check – How soft is your heart?

Discussion Questions:

1) Why does Paul beg these Christian to leave their old life behind?

2) How much do our choices impact what we can understand? Have you observed someone you know whose capacity to understand their own situation was being limited by their choices? Discuss that dynamic.

3) If you loved a creature and wanted them to love you back, how would you respond to them rejecting you? Is it one and done? Should they get an infinite number of chances to reject you?
Should there be any consequences for rejecting good things?

4) How would you describe the consequences of someone cutting themselves off from the life of God? What would that look like to you?
Do you know someone who is right now cutting themselves off from the life of God?
Exercise: pray individually and/or as a group for them.

5) Why are hard hearts hard? How do you soften a hard heart?

6) How soft would you say your heart is toward God right now?

7) What one thing do you think God is asking you to do in light of His Word? Who will hold you accountable?

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