Sun, Oct 11, 2015

Time for Change

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Discussion Questions:

1) When you think about it, where is most of your time spent (besides work and sleep)?

2) Do you agree with the statement that influence and time spent are meaningfully related?

3) How active were your parents in your discipleship? Did they have a plan that you knew of? Did it appear that the church and your family were partnering together?

4) When you think about your role as part of the family of God, do you think of it in terms of passing on the faith to the next generation? What are the dangers of overemphasizing the role of the church and marginalizing parents?

5) Did you go to church with your family as a child? If so, what was that like? Over the years, do you think churches have become more family-friendly or less? What evidence would you point to in order to answer this question?

6) Based on your experience, what are the most pressing issues for families today?

7) What does a dynamic and effective partnership between parents and families look like to you?

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