Sun, Jun 18, 2017

Trust and Waiting

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Discussion Questions:

1) What is something that you are waiting for right now? How do you feel about the process of waiting right now?

2) Is there a time in your life when waiting produced greater trust in God and his promises or his faithfulness?

3) It appears that Abram/Abraham’s life trajectory included greater trust over time. Would you say that that has been your experience? Why or why not?

4) In Genesis 16, what are some key lessons we can learn from Hagar’s example? Why do you think she is often overlooked in this story?

5) How does it feel to know that God is a God who sees you and hears you in all situations? Are you comforted by his presence? Troubled by his inaction?

6) Read Psalm 13:1-3. The Psalms are filled with laments of doubt and grief like this one. Yet, we often don’t allow one another in the church (the universal Church) to feel anything but happy. Why do you think that is? How can our community make space for grief and lament in a healthy, biblical way?

7) Read Psalm 23 carefully. Where do you see trust and waiting come into play in this Psalm?

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