Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Unified as One

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Big Idea:  God has called us to unity.  This unity is expressed now in one Body, Spirit, Hope, Lord, Faith, Baptism and God.  We need to celebrate the unity we have as we strive to stay united in pursuing all that God has for us to do. 

I. Expressions of our unity

A. One unified Body of Christ the Church

B. One Holy Spirit

C. One Hope

D. One Lord

E. One Faith

F. One Baptism

G. One God

II. How do we live this unity out?

A. By keeping the essentials tight.

B. By building partnerships that aren’t about us.

C. By making room for others not like us.

III. Commissioning NorthLight Community Church

Discussion Questions:

1) Which aspect of unity means the most to you and why?

2) Do you think of yourself as “called”? What is the term “calling” referring to?

3) Do you see the Trinity in this list? If so, where? How would the Trinity be a source of unity?

4) What do you think is the greatest threat to unity that faces the American church?

5) Are the factors listed here that call us to unity more important than that which could divide us?

6) How connected do you feel to your brothers and sisters in Christ in this city who attend other churches?

7) Would you be willing to pray for the Byron church plant – NorthLight? How else might you be part of seeing another vital gospel witness in Byron?

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