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Waiting on God for Christmas

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 Big Idea: Advent teaches us to wait. We hate waiting, and most of us are not good at it. Yet God calls us to wait on Him. The Christmas story is full of those who are called to wait on God. We can learn from these examples as we celebrate Christmas by waiting on Christ.

  1. Waiting for a word? 400 years of silence

  2. Waiting for a baby? Zechariah and Elizabeth

    1. Waiting is hard.

      1. Years of unanswered prayers. (1:13)

      2. Hope faded and doubt grew. “For I am old.” (1:18)

      3. Barb Fisher’ testimony

    2. The man of God can’t believe that God is answering his prayers. (1:20)

    3. So why did God make them wait?

  3. Waiting to die in peace: Simeon (2:26-35)

    1. Simeon is waiting for God to fulfill his promise. (2:25)

    2. God picks Simeon to show him His salvation before he dies. (2:26)

    3. Waiting to finish well; Simeon can now go to his God in peace. (2:29-32)

    4. Waiting to be a blessing (2:33)

  4. Waiting for redemption: Anna (2:36-38)

    1. Anna was waiting too; she was waiting in worship. (2:37)

    2. Anna was speaking to fellow waiters. (2:38)

  5. What are you waiting for?

    1. Waiting as a waste of time

    2. Waiting for the next stage to come

    3. Waiting for Christ

Discussion Questions:

  1. How would you define waiting? Can waiting be more than doing nothing? When we are asked to “wait on God,” what are we being asked to do?

  2. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being bad, 10 being great), how are you at waiting? Has that changed over time?

  3. Can you think of a time or season in life when you were in the waiting room? What was that like? Do you have a clear sense of why? What did God teach you in the waiting room?

  4. Do you feel God hears your prayers? What do you do if God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers? Have you lost hope that God is hearing you?

  5. What do you typically wait for? Why? Does God ask you to wait? If so, for what?

  6. How can you fill your waiting with purpose?

  7. What are you waiting for?
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