Sun, Jun 03, 2018

Walking in Love

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I. Discovering our design --two universal human needs

A. We need to be loved just the way we are.

B. We need to grow and go on a journey from where we are.

II. Called to:

A. Imitate God

B. Live centered in our identity as beloved children

C. Follow Christ in a life of sacrificial service

D. Be thankful

III. Called from:

A. Destructive behaviors

1. Pornea – sexual behavior outside of God’s provision

2. Getting back in the mud

3. Wrong affections, covetousness, idolatry

4. Foolish talk

5. Crude joking

B. We have to leave these behind for two reasons.

IV. So what?

A. Receive God’s love and enter into your identity right where you are.

B. Rooted in your identity, get out of the mud.

C. Invest in others.

D. Thank God. Count your blessings.

Discussion Questions:

1) Tell the group about your own spiritual journey. Where did God’s love find you, or when did you first understand that God loves you?

2) Why does God’s love compel Him to draw us out of where we are?
Have you ever had a broken heart over some you love getting stuck in a dangerous place?

3) How much does the idea that you are a beloved child of God change your everyday reality? How often do you think about it?

4) If God loves us so much, why does He care if we break the rules? Why does God care so much about the behaviors listed in our passage (sex outside of marriage, filthy behavior, greed/always wanting more, foolish talk and crude joking)?

5) (Optional) Is there one of these areas that represents a persistent challenge for you?
Could the group pray for each other for theses areas of temptation?

6) How could you follow Jesus’ example of laying down His life to serve others? What one thing could you do this week to serve others?

7) Would you commit to thanking God for your blessings one time each day? Share with your group some of the things you are thankful for.

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