Sun, Sep 24, 2017

What More Could You Want?

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Big Idea: God has given us so much that we need to take time to let it all in.  We should join in God’s plan, making Christ central in our lives and helping others to do the same. 

I. God’s gifts

A. Blood-bought and ransomed

B. Forgiven

C. Lavished with gifts

D. Brought in on His plan

II. God’s plan: Total victory in Christ

A. In the right time

B. Christ will be the head of all things.

C. This includes all things in heaven.

D. All things on earth

III. So what?

A. Regularly count up all your gifts in Christ.

B. Let this awareness drive our gratitude.

C. Make Christ the center of your life now.

D. Close the gap between this future plan and our present reality.

Discussion Questions:

1) Has anyone ever bailed you out of a situation you were stuck in? Please share your story.

2) How real to you is the image that Jesus ransomed you with his own blood? What does that mean to you? What tangible difference does that make in your life?

3) What happens in your heart when you think about God completely forgiving you of everything you have done wrong?

4) Of all the riches of God that he pours out on us, which gift of God is most important to you and why?

5) How interested are you in personally participating in God’s eternal plan to unite all things in the universe in Christ?
What is your engagement level presently in that plan?
1 (completely disengaged) – 10 (it’s your driving passion).

6) What are the things, interests, or relationships that keep you from being more engaged in what God is doing in the world?

7) How thankful are you for all that God has done for you? What habits or rhythms do you use to fight against a sense of entitlement or ingratitude?

8) What single clear step of obedience could you take to be more engaged with God’s missions to unify all things in Christ?

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