Sun, Oct 09, 2016

Who Is the Greatest?

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Discussion Questions:

1) Who are the children in your life who are most on your mind and in your prayers? What are some of your hopes for them?

2) In your own faith story, there is probably somebody who made a significant impact on you. Who is that person and how did they help you see the reality of Jesus? If the connection happened when you were a child, explain what about this person was so significant as a meaningful influence on your faith.

3) Why do you think that Jesus would set up a system in which love for him would or could be expressed through the treatment of children? What is his plan there? In other words, why is that a good system?

4) In Luke 9, Jesus rebukes his disciples for fighting over who is the greatest. In what situations do you find yourself tempted toward unhealthy competition with others? Are there certain people, situations, or social media platforms that tend to bring out that behavior in your own heart?

a. Why do you think unhealthy comparison is a part of our sinful makeup?

b. In what ways can comparing be spiritually positive or, perhaps at worst, spiritually neutral?

5) What, if anything, should you change about your connection to, and interaction with, children? Do you think there is anything that you should: start doing more? start doing less? rethink the way you approach? Should you reconsider the nature of a relationship with a child? Change your attitude or harshness level?

6) How does one make himself or herself “the least” in the way that Jesus described (Luke 9:48)?

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