Sun, May 27, 2018

Work Hard, Be Generous

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I. Four Commands

A. Don’t steal.

B. Work hard.

C. Be generous.

D. Give helpful help.

II. Work as Worship

A. Work is hard.

B. Work is good.

C. Praying for those who work with their hands

III. A Celebration and a Call to Generosity

A. A call to generosity

B. Celebrating what your generosity means

Discussion Questions:

1) What does it mean to steal something? When does taking advantage of someone become stealing? Does overcharging to stealing? What form of theft is most common today?

2) How would you rate your own work ethic? Who modeled work ethic to you most? What makes work hard for you? Is all difficult work frustrating? When does having a strong work ethic turn into being a workaholic?

3) What does generosity mean to you? What is a good level of giving to others in need? How much is generosity toward others a motivator to you in your work?

4) How can you know if someone is truly in need or merely creates the appearance of need? Can helping or being generous to those who are not in need, but appear to be so, actually hurt them?

5) How can your work be worship? How can you glorify God by what you do on a daily basis?
What do you create? Could you use your vocation as a platform for glorifying God and connecting with others?

6) Have you had a time when you were generous to someone just because you could be? Tell the story. Have you ever “paid it forward” or engaged in a random act of kindness? Tell the story.

7) How generous are you to God’s work in the local church?
Why is generosity in the American church as a whole declining?
For example, the older generation that is now dying gives vastly more than the up-and-coming generation. Why?

8) Would you like to make any adjustment in how much you work to enable you to be generous? How much should one spend on oneself? What is a good ratio?

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