Sun, Jul 01, 2018

Worship the Way God Wants

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I. Worship from God’s perspective: Spirit-filled worship

A. Worship 101

B. Singing truth to one another

C. Singing to God

D. Heartfelt worship

E. Thankful worship – “giving thanks for everything”

F. Humble worship – “submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ”

II. Going deeper into Spirit-filled worship

A. Show up and sing and speak truth to others.
    Stories of Encouragement

B. Sing to God.

C. Heart check – How is your heart doing?

D. Thank God.

E. Lay down your preferences as an act of worship.

Discussion Questions:

1) If someone asked you what worship is, what would you say? Where did you get your answer?

2) Have you ever noticed how perspective matters? Have you been in a conversation or exchange that seemed one way to you and another way to someone else?
How do you think God experiences your worship? What does He think of when you worship Him? How do you know that your answer is true?

3) Why do we need to remind each other of the truth? Have you ever had a time when you came into church “on empty” and needed others give you what you didn’t have?

4) Why would God want us to come to Him in worship? Is this a narcistic need for praise?
Can you think of a reason why God might want us to worship Him for our own benefit?

5) How engaged is your heart in worship? If you had to rate your typical experience in worship, would you say that you are engaged with all your heart, or checked out and just going through the motions, or somewhere in between?
Why does God want your heart to be engaged?

6) What style of worship do you most often connect with? What instrument do you love to hear more than any other? Do you like things more loose and spontaneous, or well-planned and polished?
Why would God call laying down your preferences for others an act of worship (“Submit to one another [in worship] out of reverence for Christ.”)?

7) How often to do you make worship a priority? Which of the following best describes your approach to corporate worship?

a) I/we are here whenever we can be.

b) I/we are in worship when we feel like it.

c) I/we are in worship once in a while.

8) What single step of obedience should you take in light of what God is saying to you today?

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