HELPS program

Become a HELPS Volunteer Right Now

How Does It Work?

  • Volunteers complete the interests form and check those areas in which they are willing to serve.
  • People who need a helping hand complete the request form for help.
  • When there is a need that matches an area of interest, the volunteer may be contacted to see if he/she can help fulfill the need.
  • There is no obligation once the form is completed.  It just makes sure volunteers are only contacted with the requests they are willing to volunteer for.
  • If you no longer wish to be contacted about needs in a particular category, you can update and resubmit the HELPS Volunteer Interest Form at any time.
  • To Request Help, go to the "Request Help" page.
  • To Volunteer to Help, go to the "HELPS Volunteer" page in the "My Account" of the site.

Note: You will be asked to login. Only emails addresses are valid userids. Please create a userid if you do not already have one, by selecting the "Create an account" link on the login screen. Using the email address that you are currently receiving Calvary emails at as your userid is recommended. An activation email will then be sent to you. Select the activation link in the email to activate your email userid. Then close the activation browser window and go to the Calvary website to login. Then select the "Member Area" mainmenu item.

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