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Salvation Army Bell Ringers Signup

Salvation Army

Wanna Be a Bell Ringer?

Thank you volunteers for ringing the Salvation Army bells! Together we rang 88 hours, providing shelter, food, and other assistance to our community in Jesus' name.

Though we filled the shifts we committed to, a large need for volunteers remains. If you still want to ring a bell this season, please contact the Salvation Army directly by calling 507-288-3663 or clicking here to sign up, and let Connie at cedwards@calvaryefc.org know you've rung, so they add your hours to our church total.

December Community News

Compassion Counseling Center (CCC)

CCC will be closed December 20 & 27.
Dealing with difficult times and issues can be overwhelming, especially if you feel like you are dealing with them alone. If you or someone you know is ready for positive change, we may be able to help you discover your next best step. Visit www.CompassionCounseling.org or call 507-288-8822.