Samaritan's Purse Children's Heart Project Child

Children's Heart Project - YOUR MISSION TRIP to Mongolia (without leaving Rochester!)

Calvary is excited to host three Samaritans Purse ~ Childrens Heart Project children and their moms from Mongolia. Two of their surgeries are anticipated for Tuesday, March 6th.  They will arrive some time the week before. Their stay might have them here just through Easter weekend.

Hosts:  The Orvis, Nelson, Larson and Whitford Families

Dates: End of February - After April 1st


Baterdene, Sodnom

10 months coming with her mother, Bat-Ochir


Shinebayar, Enkhkhuslen

1 year


Shirzaan, Tenger

8 months, Coming with his mother, Sargai


Signup to help coming soon!

Planned hosts:

  • For the two girls "Sodnom" and "Enkhuslen" - initial hosts are Dan and Merideth Orvis then transfer to the Pastor Tim and Michele Nelson home for the "2nd half"
  • For the boy "Tenger" - initial hosts Gary and Ellen Larson followed by Dr. Keven and Carolyn Whitford.

Go to for more information.

Stop by the update table in the Lobby ahead of and during their stay so you can hear the exciting stories of the week and how you can be a part of this local mission!

Help will be needed with meals, transportation, and diversional activities (crafting, sightseeing). Contact Dianne Orth, (507) 269-7112, if you have ideas, questions, or want to know more about hosting in the future!

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