If you're interested in hosting clinic patients or Children’s Heart Project families, please contact , please Dianne Orth.

Camp Victory

Fundraising is underway for a pavilion in honor of Tracie Morrison. The pavilion will offer those who sit beneath its roof a peaceful place to talk, pray and share about the love of Jesus Christ. The goal is $20,000. Donate at

Champion Basketball

It is time to register for Champion Basketball for the winter 2018 league. The winter league is for kids in the first through sixth grades. To register or, if you are interested in coaching in our league, go to

Together for Good (TFG)

New ministry in Rochester (started by former staff of Safe Families). TFG is in need of new volunteers to provide overnight care for children, help with transportation, activities, or meals, and develop friendships with parents. We will also be partnering with MN Adult & Teen Challenge to provide long term support for children while parents are completing their programs. For more information, please contact Joy McAfee:

No More Perfect Marriages

Seminar, Nov. 10-11, Mayo Civic Center. Ready for a weekend that will be a game-changer for your marriage? The No More Perfect Marriages Retreat developed out of Mark and Jill Savage’s own marriage journey. Self-described as being married 33 years, 25 of them happily, the Savage’s learned many lessons while turning around their hurting relationship. After that experience, they’re committed to share what they learned with other couples. For more info: go to

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