We have welcomed two new refugee families to Calvary in recent months. They are involved at Calvary and eager to make new friends.

Contact Sharon Bjerkaas at refugeecare@calvaryefc.org or 507-282-9850 if you have questions or to share in this ministry

Current needs for Refugee Care

We are working to help meet the practical needs of these new friends, especially as they are facing their first winter in Minnesota. At this time we don’t have a list of specific items and sizes, but check in on this website for updates. Cash donations are welcomed to fund shopping for these families with our volunteers.

Using Your Gifts and Talents in Serving

The Refugee Care Ministry team is looking for additional people who may wish to use their gifts and skills in this ministry. Here are some ideas:

  • ESL assistance for children and adults. Many jobs require good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Tutoring/school work help for students of all ages – preschool through high school
  • Computer skills including typing
  • Transportation and driving time for those seeking driver's licenses

Introducing Our Families

Ochalla Gilo Family 2018

Ochalla Ojulu Gilo and his wife Abwolla Cham, along with their four children, came to Rochester this August from a refugee camp in Kenya. (They are friends of Peter and Nyigwo and their families.) They worship with us on Sundays and are also involved in the new Anuak community worshipping at Calvary on Sunday afternoons. The youngest girls attend Sunday school and Awana.

  • Benewoyi Ojulu – 20-yr-old daughter
  • Nywatich Ojulu – 16-yr-old son
  • Achwhea Ojulu – 9-yr-old daughter in 4th grade
  • Agenilongera Ojulu – 6-yr-old daughter in 1st grade

This will be the first time they experience winter’s cold and snow! Please check back to see what specific items are still needed.

Nyakuer 2018

Nyakuer Bol Deng and her 9-yr-old daughter Ayak Kuierashoung arrived this June from Sudan. Nyakuer is taking ESL classes at Hawthorne to learn English. Ayak is in 4th grade. This will also be their first experience of winter and cold weather!

Nyakuer’s husband, Mading Kuierashoung came to the U.S. in the 1990s and worked at IBM in Rochester and Minneapolis. He was a member of Calvary. Mading returned to Sudan, married and had two daughters. He attempted to bring his wife and daughters to Rochester. Sadly, Mading passed away suddenly the end of May. Nyakuer and Ayak arrived at the time of his funeral. Three-year-old Athiei Kuierashoung is still with relatives in Sudan and we pray she will arrive in Rochester soon.

Peter family 2018

Peter Ojullu has been in Rochester 2 ½ years. He is attending classes at RCTC and is also working at RCTC in the Library and Technical Support Center. His children Piemah, Gwith and Unapai, ages 9, 7 and 5, are attending school. Peter said they are all growing and need new size winter clothing!  Peter is a leader in the Anuak congregation that meets at Calvary on Sunday afternoons.

Nyigwo family 2018

Nyigwo Gilo Nyigwo and his wife Abang Ochalla, along with their five children came to Rochester September 2017. The children range in age from 3½ to 16 years. They worship with us each week and are also involved in the new Anuak community that worships at Calvary on Sunday afternoons. Abang works at Rochester Meats and Nyigwo is very happy to have a custodial job with Rochester Public Schools, a position he was praying for! As their children are growing, Nyigwo indicated they need larger size winter coats and boots!

  • Achol Gilo – 3 ½-yr-old girl
  • Onyalk Gilo – 6 yr-old boy
  • Wathbeer Gilo - 10 yr-old boy
  • Manamanya Gilo – 13 yr-old girl
  • Hannha Gilo – 16 yr-old girl



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