In the Calvary family, everyone’s a minister. Calvary has dozens and dozens of ways you can use your experiences and abilities to make a significant contribution to our ministry. Here is just a sampling of the ways you can make a difference in the lives of others (and in your own!)

  • Coffee Connection +

    What’s the first thing you do as a host when your guests start to settle in? Well, in Minnesota you offer them something to drink or eat. It tastes good and wakes us up, but it does more for guests. It provides a comforting distraction that makes them feel less awkward.

    Coffee Connection is a team of people who, much like our welcome people, love to nourish people, reduce stress, and set the table (literally) for new people to make connections (see Marilynn’s story!). You can work behind-the-scenes (making premium coffee or cleaning up) or out front with people (serving them sweets or floating around greeting). If this person is you, you need to talk to Tim Nelson.

  • Worship & Arts +

    Interest in serving in the Worship Ministry? There are many needs and opportunities:

    Worship Team

    Join the Worship Team. Worship Team members serve on a rotating schedule. Rehearsals are Wednesdays: Instrumentalists at 7:55 pm, singers at 8:15 pm. We need you! Singers, guitar and keyboard players, drummers... "O magnify the Lord with me. Let us exalt His name together!" Contact Pastor Dan Limkeman by email or phone at 507-282-4612.

    Worship Chorale

    Wednesdays, 6:30-8:15 pm. Childcare Provided. The Worship Chorale (adult choir, 9th grade and up) sings in the Sunday worship services about twice a month and in special seasonal services. The Worship Chorale is looking for singers. Formal musical background or training is not required. The ability to read music is helpful but not necessary. We ask only that you be able to match pitch and have a heart for music ministry. Email Pastor Dan Limkeman.

    Other Worship Ministries Opportunities

    • Children's Choir Leadership - The Hallelujah! Kids Choir (grades 2-6) participates in the worship services several times a year, in addition to presenting full-scale musicals. Rehearsals are Sundays, 5:30 - 7:00 pm. Your contact is Carol Andringa.
    • Children's Worship Bulletin - Helping families with young children engage in worship together. Your contact is Erica Limkeman.
    • Communion Preparation - We celebrate communion at Calvary about once a month. The communion team prepares the elements on the Friday preceding communion Sunday. Contact Marion Henry.
    • Drama Ministry - Contact Pastor Dan Limkeman.
    • Flowers/Decorations Team - The flowers and seasonal decorations create a warm, life-giving environment in our sanctuary.
    • Music Ministry - Worship Team, Worship Chorale, Instruments (including keyboard, guitars, drums/percussion, strings, brass and woodwinds). Your contact is Pastor Dan Limkeman.
    • Orchestra - The Calvary Orchestra (9th grade and up) participates in Sunday worship occasionally and in the seasonal services. Your contact is Pastor Dan Limkeman.
    • Prayer Ministry - Trained Prayer Ministers are available after each worship service to pray personally with individuals who request prayer. Contact Erica Limkeman.
    • Technical Arts Team - Sound, Projection, Lighting and Video support needed. We are always in need of more individuals to serve in this vital area of ministry. Training is provided. Sound and projection technicians serve on a rotating basis in our services. Your contact is Joel Minchinton.
    • Ushering Team - Ushers welcome worshipers into the sanctuary and serve in various ways to ensure that the worship services proceed without distractions. Usher teams serve once a month, and include men and women, ages 14 and up. Contact Eric Andringa
    • Visual Arts Team - Contact Pastor Dan Limkeman.
    • Worship Dance - Your contact is Ginger Boyce.
    • Worship Library Assistants - There are many materials to prepare, distribute, collect and file in order for the ministry to function. Contact Karmen Saski.
  • Infant, Toddler and Pre-school Ministries +

    Do you love babies and helping foster a safe place where the thirst for God in a baby or toddler can grow, while the hunger for God in parents is satisfied? For our youngest worshippers, we have programming any time there is a service (birth through age 4/5). Your contact is Amy Bowers.

  • Children's Ministries (Elementary Age) +

    Are you good with children? Are you interested in teaching Sunday school or helping with sports ministries? Your contact is Pastor Brian.

    • Teachers and Assistant Teachers: During the school year and the summer, but taking off significant holidays. Sunday school puts the power of the Word into ways our kids can understand and interact with. We hope your kids LOVE it. Teachers, assistants, and substitutes are needed for grades 1-6. Training, supplies and substitutes are provided. 
    • Awana: Awana is an acronym from 2 Timothy 2:15: “Approved work men are not ashamed, handling accurately the Word of Truth.” Awana combines scripture memory, fun, teaching, and significant connections between kids and adults all in one packed evening! Awana meets September through early May on Wednesday nights from 6:25-8:00 pm. We can use people to listen to verses, substitute for leaders and helpers, and occasionally help for special events.  Contact Amy Bowers.
    • Sunday Morning King’s Kids: Some parents like to attend the 10:30 am service as a family. Others prefer their child gets more age-focused worship and teaching. King’s Kids goal is age-focused worship and BIG IDEA teaching to build a foundation of love for God and get basic life truth into our kids grades K-4.
    • VBS: Vacation Bible School is a four-day immersion in worship and God’s Word. Normally held the second week of June, Calvary needs about 150 volunteers to pull off this experience for 350 amazing kids.
  • Student Ministries +

    Does it excite you to be a part of a lifesaving station that is rescuing, teaching, and equipping students to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ? Your contact is John Chaco.

  • Welcome Ministry +

    Imagine being invited to dinner at a stranger’s home. There is a sign on the door to come in. (You are feeling nervous just reading this, aren’t you?) Tiptoeing inside, you see people milling around visiting, but nobody greets you. You have no idea if shoes come off or stay on, where to put your coat, where the bathroom is, or the place you should head next. Unless you are an off-the-charts extro-vert, this will be uncomfortable.

    Arriving at a new church is no different. In fact for some, coming to a church can be more scary! This is our home and they are our guests, and unless we treat them with the same hospitality as we do in our homes, the experience, for all but the off-the-charts extroverts, will be brutal.

    Welcome Teams meet new people at the doors and serve as their guide. God has wired some people to love people and make them feel comfortable. If they do not feel both welcome and comfortable, they won’t stick. If you are a make-a-person at-home people-loving person like that, you need to contact Michele Nelson

  • Outreach +

    Do you have a passion that everyone in Rochester know Jesus and would like to help Calvary reach them? MN Adult & Teen Challenge, Camp Victory, In His Name Food Distribution, New Life Family Services, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Salvation Army, Damascus Way, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. Contact: Pastor Larry.

  • Office Volunteers +

    Office Volunteers with administrative skills of all kinds are needed to keep our ministry humming. If you have a few hours free each week contact Pastor Tim Nelson.

  • Teaching +

    Is your passion to teach, whether in mini-congregations, small groups, or one-on-one in a mentoring relationship? Your contact is Pastor Larry.

  • Care Ministries +

    Do you like to care for people in need? Are you interested in praying for and encouraging those in a crisis? Contact John Homme

  • Community Groups +

    Do you have a conviction that big things happen in small groups and desire to lead or host those groups? Your contact is Bob and Wendy Speary.

  • Facilities +

    You can tell how good a restaurant is by its clean glass and restrooms. If the windows are smudged and the rest rooms trashed, well, it seldom matters how good the food or service is. You may not stay, much less come back. Guests make judgments about Calvary long before entering the sanctuary. First impressions make an impression, and make a statement about what we value. Volunteers groom our property, care for our plants, and often set up rooms just right for use.

    God wires some people to love working behind the scenes — sweating the details that together make things safe, lovely, and efficient. In doing so, they make Calvary more sticky for those God wants to grow. If you are that person, you should contact Joel Minchinton, our Facility Manager.

  • Funeral Ministries +

    Be part of a team serving food and decorating. Your contact is Pastor Larry.

  • Men's Ministries +

    Do you desire to be an active part of Men's Ministries? Contact Matt Scheckel.

  • Mini-Congregations and Small Groups +

    Imagine walking into Calvary on a Sunday morning and each being given one of two bags and asked to shake it the entire time you are in the building. One bag has 600 marbles. The other bag, 600 grapes. As you leave, you hand the welcome team member the bags? One bag is essentially the same. One bag is...well...very different. Grape juice, most likely.

    We want to say this delicately, but for most people, being greeted, offered coffee, and going to the worship service is not enough. It’s marbles in a bag — lots of noise and activity, but little or no change. Most need something more. Connection. On Sunday mornings, this means mini-congregation. The rest of the week, this means small groups. For many people who want to stick, that is where knowing others and being known begins to really happen.

    God has made some of you just for this purpose — to help turn marbles into grapes — to help adults meaningfully connect to others as God intended. If you are that person, contact Tim Nelson.

  • Missions +

    Do you want to help Calvary expand our impact locally, regionally, and around the world through missions? Contact Roger Warndahl

    How to get involved in Calvary Global Missions

    • Learn about our missionaries (go to the Calvary website and login. Scroll down to read about the missionaries we support)
    • Pray consistently for our mission partners
    • Write often to these partners (soon you will be able to text from our kiosk)
    • Give regularly to support them (28 cents of every dollar you give goes to missions support)
    • Go once and experience missions firsthand
  • Women's Ministries +

    Do you desire to serve in Women's Ministries? Many opportunities are available. Your contact is Ingrid Ansell

  • Wednesday Night Meal Team +

    Did you know we serve a full meal from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on Wednesday nights to families participating in Awana and Youth activities? How about making our kitchen your ministry area? Contact Tim Nelson.

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